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Trade Me and GirlBoss New Zealand have joined forces to bring you the 2019 GirlBoss Awards.


We're on a nationwide search for trailblazing young women (ages 11–18) who are defying stereotypes and creating change in their communities. We're after inspiring young leaders, facilitators, role models, and innovators.


Nominations are now closed for the 2019 GirlBoss Awards

Winners will be notified in September.


The supreme GirlBoss Award winner. She challenges the status quo and inspires others to dream more, be more, learn more and do more.

Prize: $2,000 NZD

Sponsored by Trade Me

STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths)

A GirlBoss whose love for STEM has her thinking, researching and creating to make our world a better place.

Prize: $1,500 NZD

Sponsored by Air New Zealand

Emerging leader

A GirlBoss who is an emerging leader (aged 11–14) who embodies the question: ‘If not me, who? If not now, when?’

Prize: $1,500 NZD

Online Impact

 A GirlBoss who harnesses the power of the Internet to turn great ideas into reality.

Prize: $1,500 NZD

Sponsored by InternetNZ


A GirlBoss who imagines a better future and sets out to create it in new and innovative ways.

Prize: $1,500 NZD

Sponsored by Method


A GirlBoss with the heart to make a difference and the courage to take a stand.

Prize: $1,500 NZD

Sponsored by Delta Insurance

Sponsored by Auckland Council

Arts & culture

A GirlBoss whose love for arts and culture see her leading the way.

Prize: $1,500 NZD

Sponsored by Grandkid Power


A GirlBoss who is striving to make our world more sustainable and encouraging others to do the same.

Prize: $1,500 NZD

Sponsored by Vector Limited


A GirlBoss in the Primary Industries who takes action,  isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, and lets her strength and determination lead the way.

Prize: $1,000 NZD

Sponsored by Ministry for Primary Industries

Rahiri Makuini Edwards-Hammond.jpg

Trailblazer Award 2018

Mikayla Stokes.jpg

STEAM Award 2018

Tulsi Lathia.jpg

Innovation Award 2018

Greer Wilson.jpg

Emerging Leader Award 2018

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Enterprise Award 2018

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Community Award 2018


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